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Evaluation workshop 1-2 hours. The preparation time depends on what is evaluated.

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  • Concepts and/or prototypes

  • Paper

  • Pens and markers of different colours

  • Sticky notes

  • Dot stickers of different colours

What is this tool and what is its purpose and benefit?


An evaluation workshop is an event where different stakeholders from customers to external organisations that contribute in delivering the service, and employees are invited to evaluate and comment on the prototypes.

A multi-stakeholder participation enables obtaining a broad perspective to the prototypes. When incorporated in the final testing phase, the results of the evaluation workshop strongly contribute to the finalisation of the service and other exiting activities. An evaluation workshop can also be organised to evaluate and contribute to results obtained from other testing activities, such as usability testing.

Steps how to use this tool in practice

The same steps apply when working individually, in pairs or in a group.


Define the purpose and goal of your evaluation workshop and at which stage of the testing phase it should be organised.


Keeping the purpose in mind, plan who you need to invite and start preparing the workshop from presentations, handouts and prototypes to sending invitations.


Present the prototypes or other outcomes at the workshop.


Ask participants to comment on the prototypes and contribute to the selection or other decisions to take.  Write down the comments. In addition, workshops may include numeral voting, commenting on sticky notes attached on presentation boards, or dot voting which means selecting the preferred choice by adding a dot sticker on it.


Analyse the outcomes after the workshop and pass these to further testing processes or the finalisation, exiting, phase.

Tips and hints for using this tool

  • An evaluation workshop is often also organised to evaluate and select the concepts for further development.

Other tools of this phase

A detailed, specific, written overview of the service.


A matrix to evaluate the quality of the prototypes for final selection.

Evaluation matrix.png

Testing usability of a prototype.

Usability testing.png

Obtaining and analysing customer feedback of touchpoints.

Touchpoint analysis.png

Pilot testing the final prototype before finalising it.

Piloting concept.png

Creating a value proposition.

Value proposition canvas.png
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